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Emory Midtown’s demo’d parking deck could be replaced with (groan) another parking deck

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More than 3,000 spots are in the works for a visible West Peachtree Street site

A rendering of the parking deck to-come
Behold! More than 3,000 parking spaces could be coming to Midtown—for Emory employees only.
Central Atlanta Progress

In February, neighbors of Midtown’s Emory Hospital rejoiced at the announcement that an eyesore of a parking deck on campus was slated to be demolished.

When the dilapidated parking garage was ultimately razed, there were (frustratingly) no concrete plans to do anything with the site, or at least none that were publicly known.

But according to permit application documents obtained by Curbed Atlanta, the property might soon see the construction of a novel new concept ... another parking deck.

Out with the old, and in with the ... same thing but bigger.
Central Atlanta Progress

The deceased parking garage used to be part of a Chevrolet dealership that had operated as early as the 1920s, according to Atlanta architect and preservationist Kyle Kessler. The only piece of the business that survived the recent demolition is a section of the old showroom abutting West Peachtree Street.

The proposed deck is expected to house more than 3,000 parking spots in a multi-level garage, at the southeast corner of Linden Avenue and West Peachtree, about a block from the Varsity and North Avenue MARTA Station.

“A Special Use Permit is being pursued for the deck which will provide staff-only parking for the Emory University Hospital Midtown campus located across West Peachtree Street to the east,” the application paperwork says.

The site’s former use, as seen in October.
Google Maps

As parking decks go, the new design by architects Howell Russ Dodson is pretty boilerplate: The open-air complex, documents say, would not include a ventalation or sprinkler system.

The old deck probably needed to be put out of its misery, especially in such a prominent location. Before its demise, it was being held together by added temporary braces.

Central Atlanta Progress is expected to host a public meeting this morning, during which the deck proposal will be discussed.