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Offered as stylish triplex and Airbnb magnet, 1920s Midtown pad wants $1.3M

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Near Piedmont Park, the main dwelling counts Houzz’s “Kitchen of the Week”

A photo of a rare Midtown Atlanta triplex offered for sale right now.
The stoic facade belies a triple play of living options within.
Coldwell Banker

About five blocks south of Piedmont Park, this grand 1920s residence is being offered as a dashingly renovated triplex, a rare arrangement for this part of town.

It’s being marketed toward “the savvy investor” who covets a designer home in a Midtown location with primo walkability—and who doesn’t mind very close proximity to neighbors or temporary guests.

The breakdown: one three-bedroom piece with a patio on the main level; another three-bedroom that spans two levels upstairs; plus a one-bedroom carriage house component that’s been earning the seller $3,000 to $6,000 monthly in peak season via Airbnb and VRBO, according to Coldwell Banker rep Laitin Schwerin.

“It’s a great way to offset the $1 million-plus purchase price,” Schwerin wrote in an email to Curbed Atlanta.

Posted this past weekend, the asking price, more specifically, is $1.33 million, which ranks it among Midtown’s priciest standalone homes at the moment.

One highlight is the main unit’s snazzy nook for cooking and eating, which has the venerable distinction of once being Houzz’s “Kitchen of the Week.”

The other kitchens qualify as “designer” as well, and the carriage house around back comes furnished, with a Sonos system to boot, per the listing.

The daring look of most rooms—contrasted with the soothingly simple upstairs, by and large—could quicken pulses, but it’ll likely take the right niche buyer to fall head over heels here.

The property last traded for $705,000 two years ago, ostensibly in need of updates back then.