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Atlanta’s 10 best outdoor Instagram hotspots

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Just because some places are cliched as backdrops, it doesn’t mean they aren’t captivating

From its verdant landscape to built-environment variety, Atlanta’s a pretty city, no doubt. But some areas obviously outshine others—especially as it pertains to selfie-taking.

This being Curbed’s inaugural Play Week, it seemed an appropriate time to highlight some of the hottest, most captivating outside spots to snap an Instagram pic.

Some of these intown locations, of course, are cliches of Atlanta culture (*cough,* Jackson Street Bridge), but they’re nonetheless all screensaver-worthy staples of the city’s photographic backdrops.

Below, we’ve identified 10 Atlanta sites that are arguably the best in terms of pumping out beautiful photos of our gorgeous outdoor attractions.

Historic Fourth Ward Park - Whether you’re aiming to catch a clean kickflip on camera or scope the army of people participating in King of Pops’s weekly yoga extravaganza, this park boasts visible excitement that’s almost sure to score likes.

The Beltline - Although dodging speeding Bird scooters is fun in and of itself, stepping off the path to snap a picture can be a pleasant respite from the high-velocity chaos. The Beltline offers an abundance of vibrant green space that’s sure to look striking to prospective “likers”—at least, after you douse the image with filters. The trail also flexes, in many areas, highbrow residences. With the proper angle, you might be able to convince your friends you can afford to live in one.

Pratt-Pullman Yard - You might recognize the rugged wreckage of an old train yard from scenes in blockbuster movies, such as the Hunger Games series, or hit TV shows, such as The Walking Dead. Ambitious Instagrammers beware: The graffiti-littered property is closed to the public, and the site should soon be transformed into an entertainment-centric mixed-use development. Still, urban explorers have stalked the property for years to steal shots of the blighted, yet scenic space. Pro tip: An adjacent PATH Trail provides enough legal access to get Pullman’s main structures in the background.

MARTA - Although it’s not technically “outside,” riding MARTA still requires getting out of the house, and some of the sights to be seen on trains or buses can shock even the most seasoned Atlantan. The embedded photo of the rider in Wonder Woman attire is surely on the milder side of MARTA snaps. Be sure to keep an eye out for really strange occurrences.

This city brings the best out of me ❤️

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Jackson Street Bridge - Hate it or love it, the Jackson Street Bridge is an iconic landmark for Atlanta photographers, both renowned and novice. What many consider the most beautiful angle of the Atlanta skyline (downtown only) lends itself to dozens of sharp-shooting photogs daily.

Edgewood Avenue - This bar and restaurant strip in Old Fourth Ward and Sweet Auburn—just a block from the birthplace of Martin Luther King, Jr.—is, in many ways, a microcosm of real Atlanta culture. With Killer Mike’s barber shop, The Swag Shop, and music venues that host some of the city’s and nation’s hottest acts, plus the world-renowned oddity that is Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium, the street offers myriad opportunities to earn a selfie with a major actor, musician, or photogenic lunatic.

Stone Mountain - Alright, alright ... so it’s not technically in Atlanta. But the city’s own creative genius Donald Glover—responsible for the outlandishly popular FX show Atlanta—hails from the mountain town a bit outside the Interstate-285 Perimeter. And even if you’re not doing as many pushups as the man above clearly does, the views are still mesmerizing.

The Bellwood Quarry #djimavicpro #Lightroom

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Bellwood Quarry - The Westside’s mammoth hole in the ground, best known as the Bellwood Quarry, has long been a stellar spot to snag some tremendous shots. Plus, since plans call for the trench and its surroundings to become not just a gargantuan water reservoir, but also the city’s largest park, Instagram obsessives can look forward to more follower-wooing additions in months and years to come. Until next year, though, it’s a construction site, and trespassing anywhere on the property is illegal.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium - Maybe you can only count the new stadium as a good outdoor snap spot if its blooming roof is open. Regardless, the cavernous arena allows photographers to take pics that can capture the profiles of tens of thousands of people. And when it comes to marketing Instagram posts, there’s strength in numbers.

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Piedmont Park - The city’s marquee park is getting bigger, but it already offers plenty of space to pose for pics amidst the lush greenery. If the open plains of the park don’t appeal to your followers, hit up the botanical gardens situated at the north side for maximum aesthetic appeal.

Piedmont Park

400 Park Drive Northeast, , GA 30306 (404) 875-7275 Visit Website

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

441 Martin Luther King Jr Dr NW, Atlanta, GA 30313 Visit Website