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Between East Atlanta and Kirkwood, new housing row aims to make colorful splash

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With bold exterior palettes, a Parkview development offers large homes in the $500Ks

New houses under construction.
Coastal color is flooding Parkview, just south of Memorial Drive.
Curbed Atlanta

As the influx of less traditional housing on Atlanta’s eastside continues, this latest crop in Parkview along South Howard Street will soon hit the market.

Like an antidote to safer, more boring exterior paint choices, the colorful five-home development—uncommon in its contiguousness for a city street—is the work of Walsh Design, a company that’s brought similar homes with urban farmhouse leanings to Reynoldstown, Grant Park, and East Atlanta.

These four-bedroom, three-bath structures will range from 2,240 to 2,267 square feet with asking prices between $550,000 and $580,000, reps tell Curbed Atlanta.

According to the properties’ design sheets, interior features will include handcrafted elements using reclaimed materials, hardwood floors throughout, front porches, rear decks, a privacy fence with gate, and sodded front and side yards with a selection of in-season flowers and plants.

Real estate agent Shane Little of Avenue Realty, who represents the properties, said Walsh Design is adding some coastal influences into this project as well as its next few builds.

What’s more, Little added, “the large wooded area will include a small grove and walking path behind the five homes.”

Curbed Atlanta

Estimated completion dates span between Aug. 15 and Sept. 15, with 235 South Howard on tap first and 215 South Howard Street finished last.

It’ll be interesting to see if buyers find these offerings in unincorporated DeKalb County unusual or attractively refreshing.

Curbed Atlanta