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For $349K, West End charmer strives to accentuate the old

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Original windows and floors highlight a darling 1905 renovation with nary a square foot to spare

A photo of a West End Atlanta bungalow for sale right now.
Vintage curb appeal on Atwood Street.
Area West Realty

When it comes to vintage home redos southwest of downtown, recent anecdotal evidence would suggest that quality is on the upswing—along with prices, in some cases, that have crested the $400,000 mark.

This latest renovated offering in Historic West End would appear to fit the former category, but obviously not the latter.

Records indicate it’s quite ancient (circa 1905) even by the standards of a neighborhood with “historic” in the name, with original lattice windows and interior floors that’ve thankfully been spared the wrath of questionable renovations throughout the decades.

With its vintage-style swing, leafy ceiling fan, and hanging ferns, the front porch seems capable of relieving blood pressure, as does the new, tiered deck around back. A sloped driveway provides off-street parking.

Inside, find a bedroom count (three) that could qualify as the sweet spot for many bungalow scouts, with two bathrooms and a grand total of 1,528 square feet, which results in a rather tight living-room space that also functions as the foyer.

Counterbalancing that are bedrooms with fireplaces that show off gorgeous original tiles, juxtaposed with new tile work and what look like vintage vanities fashioned into sinks. Overall, the charm quotient is high, in a concise package.

The mid-$300,000s ballpark (or higher) seems to be the going rate for renovated three-bedroom bungalows in the area now.

This one asks $349,000.

The property in 2015.
Google Maps