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Inspired Grant Park bungalow renovation accentuates the old, requests $625K

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But will the circa-1920 property’s charms trump proximity to a noisy interstate?

A photo of a wraparound porch and enlivened landscaping on Glenwood Avenue in Grant Park.
A wraparound porch and enlivened landscaping on Glenwood Avenue.
Keller Williams

Here in the northern reaches of Grant Park, a formerly downtrodden 1920s bungalow once shrouded by out-of-control trees has been revived in a way that carefully embraces its yesteryear uniqueness.

It’s a case where listing mentions of “attention to detail” and a “stunning” master bedroom-bathroom combo are appropriate, but given the Glenwood Avenue location—between the northernmost edge of Grant Park’s main green space and Interstate 20—it faces the highway sound-barrier.

That obviously wasn’t an issue in 1920. But could it be an impediment now?

Listed a week ago, the three-bedroom project is enlivened with stained glass and restrained, classic light fixtures emblematic of the esthetic overall. Haters of freestanding, room-dividing fireplaces might not be amused, but the double-sider provides a decorative, vintage touch to both the living/flex room and dining area.

Pertinent stats: Find two and a half bathrooms around 2,338 square feet at this property that last traded for $350,000 in early 2017.

It lacks a garage—as most bungalows of the era, in the area, do—but the paved driveway can accommodate three vehicles, in addition to on-street parking. For parties, that is.

The sloping, half-fenced backyard of straw—with a fire pit that shouts “afterthought”—leaves much to be desired, beyond its sheer size and functional new deck.

Slightly smaller bungalows of the same ilk have recently sold for more than the $624,900 asking price here, but with locations closer to the quietude of Atlanta’s oldest park than traffic jams.