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Lawrenceville breaks ground on its own version of Avalon (or almost)

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Connected to the Gwinnett city’s historic core, the $200M project will bring urban vitality, backers say

The future calls for more living, shopping, and walking in historic downtown Lawrenceville.
The future calls for more living, shopping, and walking in historic downtown Lawrenceville.
Novare Group

With multiple residential projects popping up near its core, a rapidly growing college, and amenities like a bike path in the works, Lawrenceville is the latest suburban Atlanta city to board the urbanization train.

And its most significant new piece is now officially moving forward.

About 20 miles northwest of Atlanta, the trio of George Berkow, Novare Group, and Batson-Cook Development Company are bringing a blend of retail and residences to Lawrenceville, the county seat of Gwinnett.

Encompassing 32 acres, the $200 million development, called SouthLawn, will include more than 15,000 square feet of retail space, a whopping 600-plus residences, and a town green that will connect with Lawrenceville’s City Hall, police station, and the city’s burgeoning, historic downtown.

Though not quite as large as Alpharetta’s Avalon, SouthLawn will feature three- and four-story apartments and townhomes, along with—like Avalon—a large component of more than 150 single-family detached cluster homes.

The multifamily residences will be divided into two offerings: “SouthLawn Luxury Apartment Residences” and “Conclave.”

SouthLawn Luxury Apartment Residences will have three- and four-story urban apartments in a town center format with an elevated pool area.

“Conclave” will be a four-story building set on a one-acre park, complete with elevators and a private pool, club, and fitness area.

No pricing is available yet, but expect that announcement to come as the project nears completion.

“The partnership with these developers has delivered to Lawrenceville a much-needed renaissance in the community, executing council’s vision for a more urban and sustainable activity center in our community,” Lawrenceville City Manager Chuck Warbington said in a statement.