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After just a month in Atlanta, dockless bike-share company ofo is leaving

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The Chinese outfit seems to think the city is still too car-dependent

A photo of the ofo bike
Say goodbye to these bright yellow bikes.

Well, that was quick.

Ofo, one of Atlanta’s new dockless bike-share services, recently confirmed that the company is packing up and shipping out, just a month after launching in the city.

In a statement sent to WABE and other outlets, ofo, in so many words, said Atlanta just isn’t quite multi-modal enough. In related news, municipal leaders are currently hashing out plans to regulate dockless vehicle-share programs.

“As we continue to bring bike-share to communities across the globe, ofo has begun to reevaluate markets that present obstacles to new, green transit solutions, and prioritize growth in viable markets that support alternative transportation and allow us to continue to serve our customers,” said Andrew Daley, ofo’s North America head honcho, in the statement.

Orphaned ofo bikes along the Beltline’s Eastside Trail recently.
Curbed Atlanta

China-based ofo is also jumping ship in other American cities, such as Chicago and Washington D.C., as well as entire countries like Germany, India, and Australia, according to WABE.

According to ofo’s website, the company rents out roughly 1,000 bikes every five seconds internationally, which could suggest the decision to leave Atlanta had little to do with the city’s recent influx—or saturation—of dockless vehicle-sharing options.

But worry not, Atlantans: Plenty of bike and scooter options remain to ride around on—and leave on sidewalks or other public rights of way. For now.

The Atlanta City Council is contemplating capping the amount of licenses it divvies up to shareable vehicle companies, so the total stock could be slimming soon.