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In Peachtree Heights East, 1990s ‘true oasis’ includes guest house for $1.6M

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Water abounds at this Clinton-era contemporary called “the ultimate in privacy and indoor/outdoor living” 

Two-story modern home with landscaped yard.
Landscaping softens the atypical white facade.
Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road

Built in 1996, this 4,424-square-foot contemporary home in Peachtree Heights East is full of bright, airy spaces, many of which can be viewed from the catwalk on the second floor.

It’s not the only catwalk to be found here, tucked off Peachtree Road near Buckhead’s Duck Pond.

Inside, numerous windows allow natural light to reflect off the white walls, flooding each space and making it appear much larger than it is.

Along with four bedrooms and six bathrooms, it has concrete counters and green cabinets that reign in the kitchen, while a double-sided fireplace divides the master bedroom from the master bath.

The house also includes a media room with a “starlit ceiling,” an elevator, and a bathroom filled with mirrored walls.

As if the gated entry and fenced-in property weren’t enough, the property is surrounded by lush landscaping for added privacy.

Outside, another catwalk over the heated swimming pool and ponds connects the two-story, two-bath guesthouse tucked away in the back corner of the property.

This marks the first time the property has been on the market in 20 years, which accounts for its $1,600,000 asking price, nearly a cool million more than the $690,000 it sold for in 1998.

Given the location and size, though, the price isn’t out of line for the community.