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New-build traditional is Grant Park’s latest house to aim north of $800K

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Four-bedroom with farmhouse leanings is promoted as “California dreaming” for some reason

A photo of a new white home for sale in Atlanta’s Grant Park.
The corner porch approach on Grant Terrace.
PalmerHouse Properties

Poised on what appears to be the dividing-line street between Grant Park and Summerhill, this four-bedroom traditional (in the former neighborhood) blends the style of Atlanta’s big neo-Craftsmans with farmhouse-inspired elements.

Brandishing more than 3,500 square feet and a very deep corner lot, this new-build could simultaneously please fans of French, steel-and-glass, and barn doors. (Find a trifecta of barn doors in the master bathroom alone).

It listed last week at $839,000.

Grant Park is no stranger to beefy new traditionals asking north of $800,000 these days. But this option will score several hundred more square feet than most of the more easterly homes, with similar prices, closer to the Beltline’s forthcoming Southside Trail.

One drawback, for a property of this size, could be the single-car garage; but the lot is so long, the listing suggests splitting the land and selling the back portion, or simply doing away with the unfenced backyard and building “a pool and carriage house with a second garage!” As if that’s cheap and easy.

Living here is said to be like “California dreaming” for one reason or another. (It’s true that Californians love porches and wide-plank flooring, right? But shiplap?)

The classic black-and-white palette—alongside classy tile and lighting choices—does make the metal windows and pretty floors pop. And the double fridge and double dose of porches are probably perks in any book.