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Carter reveals bold new look for Georgia Avenue, near former Turner Field

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Meanwhile, streets near the Braves’s old ballpark are looking different by the day

A rendering of the Georgia Avenue redevelopment
The latest vision for Georgia Avenue and Hank Aaron Drive.

The rebirth of the long-underuntilzed and desolate Georgia Avenue in Summerhill continues to show signs of redevelopment promise.

In a “Stadium Neighborhoods” newsletter issued by developer Carter, construction updates—and a spiffy new rendering—indicate the street’s much-needed makeover is making strides.

Since Georgia State University and Carter took control of the ballpark formerly known as Turner Field and surrounding parcels in early 2016, the stadium has been overhauled to accommodate the Panthers football team, and construction has kicked off on several of the projects planned for nearby areas—most significantly, Georgia Avenue.

Carter has already secured tenants to fill some of Georgia Avenue’s upcoming retail spaces, such as Halfway Crooks Brewing and Blending, Hodgepodge Coffeehouse, Wood’s Chapel BBQ, Little Tart Bakeshop, and Big Softie Ice Cream. The newsletter indicates the developer is open to suggestions for other businesses.

Developer Carter’s fully realized vision for Georgia Avenue, with refurbished older buildings (from left) and new ones to fill gaps.
The planned future of Georgia Avenue
Kronberg Wall, courtesy of Carter

Those confirmed tenants, Carter officials noted, could be opening for business on Georgia Avenue as soon as spring 2019.

Carter is also currently designing apartments and new office and retail buildings at the corner of Georgia Avenue and Hank Aaron Drive (as seen above), which abuts the rebranded Georgia State Stadium.

Forty units of “affordable” housing are slated to be blended into the mix of apartments planned for the site—par for the city’s affordable housing requirements. They would be available to people making less than 80 percent of the area median income.

Ground could be broken for those projects at the beginning of next year, with a possible completion date in 2020, Carter officials said.

Elsewhere in Summerhill, on Pollard Boulevard, construction crews are erecting a student housing complex developed by Aspen Heights, which could be ready for Georgia State’s fall 2019 semester.

And just south of Georgia Avenue, roughly 70 for-sale townhomes are slated to be built by Hedgewood Homes, with whom Carter is currently under contract.

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