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Off Northside Drive, gigantic contemporary ‘treehouse’ seeks $2M

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Modeled after a grist mill, this 1990s dwelling blends postmodern and rustic, with quite the funky exterior

House with lots of windows and stone walkway.
A geometric bonanza, tucked away in Buckhead.
Beacham & Company Realtors

Built in 1998 to resemble a Pennsylvania grist mill (sort of), this house of an immense 8,859 square feet near Mount Paran Road is marketed as an “architectural and functional wonder.”

With five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and one massive screened space, it works hard to blend the interior with the bucolic setting it calls home.

Natural materials including hardwood floors, stone, and quartzite do their part to add rustic touches to the interior, but it’s the amount of massive windows that accomplish the goal of making the home seem at one with nature.

They flood the home with an abundance of natural light, and provide sweeping views of the many trees holding court just beyond the glass.

The screened porch, back deck, front patio, and pool terrace go one step further, extending the living space into the property’s forested surroundings.

Those spaces also will go a long way for potential homeowners who like to entertain on a regular basis. Ditto for the freshly renovated kitchen.

The asking price of $2 million is in line with the location and lot size, and breaks down to just $226 per square foot.

For buyers who don’t find the sheer space and exterior to be too much, it could be quite the investment for a natural retreat minutes from central Buckhead.