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$950K build near North Druid Hills infuses walnut trees that once grew on property

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The 6,500-square-foot modern sprawler is perched on a hilly lot off Briarcliff Road

a picture of the North Druid Hills home
A sign of modern times in northeast Atlanta.

Up in the North Druid Hills area, on a quiet residential stretch called Briarwillow Drive, two prominent trees used to stand tall.

But, as is the case with many new construction projects in Atlanta, the trees ultimately came down.

Now, in their stead: a dining room.

The trees might no longer provide shade and oxygen here, but they bring utility to the property in other ways.

A recently finished $950,000 build by local architecture and construction firm Rockethouse has incorporated the old black walnut trees into its daring design. An open house was held Thursday, but the official listing is pending.

“The curved basement stair, built-in seating at the breakfast room, balcony landing tread, vanity tread, garage stair post, and other items in the home were made from this wood,” according to the developer.

The new modern project spans some 6,500 square feet in an area that’s dotted mostly with midcentury ranch homes.

The Briarwillow home also offers a three-car garage with a balcony above it—featuring walnut tree wood—plus a small waterfall and screened-in porch in the backyard.

And just down the street, on Briarcliff Road, stands Atlanta’s own White House:

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