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1920s Morningside classic qualifies as gorgeous, as it should, for $1.5M

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Five-bedroom colonial a few blocks from Piedmont Park touts gourmet touches

A colonial home for sale in Atlanta’s Morningside neighborhood right now.
Don’t expect pre-chosen wall colors within.
Keller Knapp

Could genuine, homegrown, early 20th century colonials be too rare of a housing style in Atlanta? (Ones imported from their native Northeast, however impressive, don’t count).

Or could it be that big functional front porches are just too crucial down here?

Either way, it’s not often an old colonial in this good of shape blips the radar. Despite so many blindingly blank-slate walls of white, it’s a gorgeous place, as the listing insists.

Boasts of being “perfectly restored” and a “historical masterpiece” are more debatable.

Built in 1929, this five-bedroom residence stands a couple of blocks, as the crow flies, from Ansley Mall and a future Beltline stretch, the Northeast Trail, which is in engineering phases now.

Inside, find nearly 4,300 square feet, a gourmet kitchen with Viking appliances, and a finished basement, which, combined with location, helps to make an asking price $100 bucks shy of $1.5 million more understandable.

The perks keep coming with a marble-bedecked master bathroom, a private and elevated back porch, and a two-car garage that just might qualify as aesthetically on-point, at least from the exterior.

In its previous condition, the house last traded for $430,000 in 2011, per property records.

It joins about a dozen other properties in Morningside-Lenox Park with price tags in the $1.5 million range. The area is no stranger, however, to listings commanding twice that amount.