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Another luxury European car manufacturer wants a piece of Georgia

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Like Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz and Porsche HQs, Jaguar Land Rover aims to add its name to the state’s automotive roster

A photo of the Solis hotel.
In Atlanta’s budding aerotropolis, Solis offers posh accommodations for Porsche enthusiasts. It’s one example of development spawned by the automotive industry.
Solis Two Porsche Drive

“Georgia just can’t stop winning international auto manufacturer facilities.”

That’s the way the CoStar Group put it on Twitter, announcing the news that Jaguar Land Rover Classics is soon to set up shop in Savannah.

The new development would be the England-based corporation’s first operations hub in America, yet another indication that Georgia is killing it in the automotive field.

“In the past five years, metropolitan Atlanta alone has attracted the North American headquarters of Porsche Cars, Mercedes-Benz, and Groupe PSA, the French manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles, including Peugeot and Opel,” as CoStar News recaps.

Jaguar Land Rover’s forthcoming U.S. location would bring 75 new jobs to Savannah, all of which would be planted in 75,000-square-foot facility.

The site would one day serve as a massive auto shop and operations hub “where owners of Jaguar and Land Rovers that have been out of production for 10 or more years can have their cars serviced and maintained,” the publication said.

Under Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, the state has become a welcoming place for auto manufacturers (unlike casinos) to develop home bases, with incentives packages and tax breaks luring them to the Peach State.

Georgia’s Quick Start program has helped to woo these companies, offering free training for workers in the fields of “manufacturing, automotive, heath care, and other industries,” according to CoStar.

For five years running, Georgia has been named the top state to do business, according to trade publication Site Selection, as CoStar relays.

Jaguar Land Rover’s upcoming facility will reportedly offer 42 workshop bays for mechanics specializing in work on “collectible cars,” plus a showroom for used Jaguars and Land Rovers from its “Work Legends collection.”

Atlanta also recently secured Mercedes-Benz’s parent company Daimler’s Lab1886 innovation center, the outlet reported.

Near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Porsche, which recently opened its North American headquarters next to the new Solis hotel, has debuted its “Experience Center,” replete with a 1.6-mile racetrack.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

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