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(Cheaper) half of Reynoldstown twinsies townhomes requests $575K

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Modern-style duplex near MARTA features clean, airy units but little in the way of privacy

A photo of two connected townhomes in Reynoldstown Atlanta.
What’s marketed as two front porches apiece on Holiday Avenue.
Exp Realty

This Reynoldstown project offers a fresh, boxy take on the more traditional or farmhouse-y duplexes that’ve been sprouting around the neighborhood for years.

In question is the four-bedroom “B” side, which listed today at $575,000, dangling what’s referred to as “Oodles of Upgrades.”

Find the semidetached duo on the side of Reynoldstown nearest Inman Park and the MARTA stop for both neighborhoods, maybe a block from the Barnes and Noble at Edgewood Retail District.

The “A” portion, also with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, listed about three weeks ago for $25,000 more (but might have been discounted since). Most interior listing photos are the same for each half. Square footages aren’t specified.

Marketed as a “modern dream,” it’s a project by M2REST, self-described as “the areas’ premier real estate solutions company.”

Plusses include pretty blonde hardwoods that pop against white walls, 10-foot ceilings, and a street-facing porch wrapped in cedar, which looks especially cool against such a dark facade.

All parking is on-street, which could be irksome for the majority of Atlanta homebuyers but might not matter to MARTA devotees.

Around back, it gets interesting.

With no dividing fence or barrier, and the great wall of Station R directly behind, nobody would call backyard privacy the strong suit here.