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It’s lights out for downtown Atlanta’s iconic Equitable sign

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A flashy, digital replacement could soon display “community-oriented messages” in its place

A photo of Woodruff Park and the Equitable Building in downtown Atlanta.
The simple, recognizable sign that is no more.
Photo courtesy of Zeller Realty Group

For some 50 years, the Equitable Building has stood tall over the downtown landscape, with its illuminated signage, flashing the name of an insurance company, a bona fide Atlanta landmark.

But those days are over.

Although the building remains, the glowing beacon atop it has reportedly been shut off, signaling the significant changes happening both outside and inside the noteworthy structure at 100 Peachtree Street.

By early 2019, the 32-story landmark once known as the Equitable Life Insurance Building, now claimed by Georgia’s Own Credit Union, will sport new signage with the bank’s name on an LED sign, which officials have said will also flash “community-oriented messages promoting local and charitable events.”

Officials with Zeller Realty Group, which bought the building last year, announced in May the company had partnered with Skanska USA, an international construction and development firm, to bring the massive—174 feet across—light board to life.

In addition to housing the Georgia’s Own headquarters, the building has claimed a handful of other tenants, including the Boston Consulting Group, which has leased a full three floors.

Central Atlanta Progress leaders have indicated that 100 Peachtree’s new digital header is just a sign of the times, in that downtown Atlanta could be shifting toward a brighter, more high-tech appearance.

A rending of Georgia’s Own’s signage place among the stars.
The replacement will surely bring a different vibe.
Renderings courtesy of Zeller Realty Group

The evolution of Atlanta’s “Arts and Entertainment District” could mean downtown will one day resemble Times Square. Or something like that.

Observers have pointed out on social media the irony in how a sign that said “Equitable” went out right after the city announced it was willing to build an incentives package worth upwards of $1 billion so a major real estate developer will bring life to the Gulch.

Equitable Building

100 Peachtree Street Northwest, , GA 30303