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Residents to be booted from Buckhead’s ‘only affordable apartment complex’

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The 1950s-era housing block on Peachtree is set to undergo a multimillion-dollar renovation

a picture of the darlington
Buckhead’s last “affordable” apartment stack apparently won’t be so affordable after renovations.

The concept of affordable housing in Buckhead might seem the punchline of a cruel joke, but there is, in fact, at least one apartment complex that offers cheap rents in the tony neighborhood.

It’s called the Darlington, and residents can stay there for less than $800 a month.

Well, at least for the next two months anyway.

The high-rise apartment complex’s property management team recently stuck notices on its residents’ doors, informing them they had just 60 days to pack up and move out, according to WSB-TV.

The Darlington stands as “the only affordable apartment complex in Buckhead,” as the news outlet puts it, and occupants are being booted because the building’s new owner, Hammond Residential Group, wants to rehab it—and raise rent prices.

Buckhead’s skyline from the building.

The cruciform complex, built in the 1950s, holds more than 600 apartments, many of which house people living on low or fixed incomes. Now, some of those residents worry they could end up homeless.

Hammond Residential bought the property in April 2017 for $30 million, according to Fulton County property records.

The 15-story brick high-rise has been positioned as developer bait since at least 2015.

And although the affordable high-rise has been described by residents as “the Buckhead ghetto,” due to issues with utility services—not to mention multiple violent crimes—the company’s website markets the Darlington online as “luxury living at its best.”

Reached by phone, a rep at Darlington’s leasing office said rent prices will indeed rise following the renovation.

Hammond Residential had not returned Curbed Atlanta’s calls as of press time.