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$950K Brookhaven project goes modern, boldly dark gray

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Five-bedroom dwelling shares attributes with neighboring contemporary houses, but with a twist

Three-story modern home with gray exterior.
A new look for traditional Brookhaven.
SET Real Estate Group

In a neighborhood with a growing stock of modern houses—some more expertly executed than others—this brand-new example of the genre by Six Points Homes in Brookhaven joins the collection, sporting a bit of a twist.

Around the corner from Oglethorpe University, find a brick exterior that’s covered in a bold gray, accented with warm wood framing around some of the window and door casings.

Inside the 3,600-square-foot home, that warmth is carried over through hardwood floors and accent touches like the black kitchen island and the gray accent wall in the dining room.

The custom five-bedroom, five-bathroom home also is well-lit, thanks to a combination of large windows and recessed lighting galore.

The result is an airy, relaxed vibe rather than the more common cool and sterile aesthetic found in other recent moderns.

Outside, a covered terrace on the second floor is perched over a patio, with both spaces providing a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors.

Apparently, it’s a combination that works, as the home already has a pending offer, landed just one day after it went on the market.

It’ll be interesting to see if that offer materializes into a sale for the full asking price of $950,000.