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$400K Edgewood redo aims for simplicity, name-drops Chip and Joanna

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Described as “A MUST SEE,” house hasn’t budged in six months, despite being one of the neighborhood’s cheapest

A little cottage that can't sell in Edgewood, Atlanta.
Winter listing photos, in August.
Duffy Realty

Despite its status as one of Edgewood’s most affordable houses at the moment, six months of discounts, and one declaration that it “looks like a Joanna & Chip Gaines/Fixer Upper project!” this simplified, modernized cottage has failed to move.

The good: The three-bedroom, two-bath abode is maybe three blocks from the Edgewood-Candler Park MARTA Station and four from the Edgewood Retail District.

The questionable: It’s on a dead-end street near scraggly lots, beneath towering antennae.

Built in the early 1990s, it’s described as “A MUST SEE!” and “urban living at its best,” with weathered cedar shiplap siding, at least $13 worth of landscaping, and contemporary-style railings out front.

Inside, find an opened-up floorplan, custom cabinetry, and sparkling new bathrooms.

It listed for $447,900 back in February, and it’s been tumbling through the price-chop gauntlet ever since.

The new ask, as of this week: $409,999.

The property in 2015.
Google Maps