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International robotics manufacturer picks Buckhead for new U.S. headquarters

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Singapore-based GreyOrange favored Atlanta and Boston for their burgeoning tech scenes, supply chain prowess

A picture of the office building
The 3348 Peachtree Road building in question.

The robot uprising is on the horizon in Atlanta. Sort of.

GreyOrange, a global leader in the artificial intelligence-powered robotics field, is setting up its new U.S. headquarters in Buckhead, with plans to deploy more than 700 robots across Atlanta.

Now, these won’t be humanoid robots coming to fight crime or help you out around the house.

The Singapore-based company is best known for the GreyOrange Butler model, a small, square-shaped robot sort of resembling a Roomba that can quickly move things across warehouse floors, expediting inventory sorting and shipping.

GreyOrange says its entree to the U.S. means 50 new jobs will be created in Atlanta, and the company is also primed to open a research and development center in Boston.

The Atlanta office will be situated at 3348 Peachtree Road, the Tower Place 200 office building right next to the Buckhead MARTA Station.

Over the next three years, with a manufacturing facility in Atlanta and R&D operations in Boston, GreyOrange plans to deploy another 20,000 supply chain-helping robots across the country.

GreyOrange also boasts offices in India, Japan, and Germany. The company said it picked these two American cities based on their tech-savvy reputations and knack for supply chain management. (Hear that, Amazon?)

Officials said robotics systems are on the rise in America, and GreyOrange expects the “materials handling equipment market” to be worth more than $20 billion by 2024, according to trade publication Metro Atlanta CEO.

Should those ambitions pan out, warehouses across the U.S. will be buzzing with Butlers, some of which can haul up to 3,527 pounds, and whirring with Sorters, which, of course, sort things ferried by the Butlers.