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Built of stacked shipping containers, Old Fourth Ward dwelling aims for $650K

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Three-story cube stack near Edgewood Avenue is configured as a duplex—for now

A shipping container house for sale in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward.
In question: the mint-green stack at left.
Sellect Realty

Living in a stack of former shipping containers probably qualifies as unconventional anywhere, but in a city built on railroad shipping and transportation like Atlanta, the concept could make more sense.

Especially for unconventional buyers looking for non-excessive amounts of space, a hot neighborhood, and an address that qualifies as a Walker’s Paradise™ with a 91 WalkScore.

Some tweaking, however, would be required.

Seen at right above, the first of these tri-story stacks—sourced from Jonesboro containers, priced anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 each—made headlines after it finished construction in 2007.

Its mint-green counterpart, at left, came along a few years later and has been used as a rental—in fact, a duplex with two kitchens and just two bedrooms. It’s being offered now as a single property for $649,000.

Fret not, says the listing, because “the house could easily be converted to a three-bedroom, three-bath single-family home” for buyers who’d prefer to not share a steel floor or ceiling with renters.

As is, each unit has a spacious (if skinny) living and dining area and bedroom with attached bathroom. The upper option has a second full bath, and floor-to-ceiling windows are found throughout, with sweet city views, per the listing. At the base is a two-car garage.

Total square footage is 1,920.

Located two blocks south of Edgewood Avenue’s nightlife, and just north of the area’s MARTA station, the cube-y domiciles used to really stand out, but the advent of modern-style townhome communities nearby lessens the visual jolt.


The second unit, as currently configured: