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Crowned by roof terrace, massive Lake Claire modern called ‘astonishing’ at $1.5M

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Four decks and a clean, restrained interior highlight this pricey eastside offering from 2014

A photo of what’s described as “immaculate landscaping” on Lake Claire’s Indiana Avenue.
What’s described as “immaculate landscaping” on Lake Claire’s Indiana Avenue.
Keller Williams

With its multitude of outdoor hangout options and exterior of concrete and handsome wood, this Lake Claire modern embodies a housing style that’s recently surged in popularity from Buckhead to Kirkwood and dozens of points between.

Results can be varied with Atlanta’s new contemporary wave, but this corner-lot offering in Lake Claire appears to hit what most modern enthusiasts would call the right notes, if not an “A+++ in all respects” with both “immaculate” and “astonishing” facets, as the listing claims.

Find it on hilly Indiana Avenue, maybe four blocks from the McLendon Avenue commercial strip that includes Candler Park Market.

Priced at $1,475,000, it joins just a handful of Lake Claire properties (roughly four) seeking north of $1 million right now.

Among its whopping 4,800 square feet are extras galore—most notably, a retractable window into the kitchen that makes bar-top dining possible from the primary party patio. (That’s one of four deck areas, from the rooftop terrace down to a backyard fire-pit platform).

A distinctly understated, almost minimalist quality carries throughout the interior. An abundance of windows, glass railings, and floating stairs helps wash the spaces in natural light.

The dining room could have benefited from the living room fireplace being two-sided, but its accessibility to the kitchen is seamless. And the upper windows caged off by not-quite Juliette balconies might qualify as esthetic duds, though they boost the functionality of rooms.

Other pertinent numbers: five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and 10-foot ceilings, all built in 2014. Other plusses: heated bathrooms floors, the downstairs media room, and enough voltage to handle an elevator and electric-car charging station, per the listing.

“It just goes on and on,” reads the listing description. “You simply have to see this one.”

For enthusiasts of the style, that’s not bad advice.

The home’s predecessor in 2007.
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