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Beltline-adjacent townhouse in Inman Park angles for a cool million

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Three-bedroom end unit serves classic style near Krog Street Market and other attractions

The interior of an Atlanta townhome for sale on the Beltline’s Eastside Trail.
Where coffered ceilings meet Eastside Trail strollability.
Ansley Atlanta Real Estate

Here on the western fringes of Inman Park, this brick-built crescent of traditional townhouses took shape alongside the Atlanta Beltline’s Eastside Trail back in 2012.

By most metrics related to Atlanta real estate, that was an eternity ago.

This week, the Inman Lane end unit returned to the market for the first time since, dangling primo walkability, a clean, classic look, and a price tag of $1,050,000.

If making a splash is high on a homebuyer’s priority list, this property probably wouldn’t qualify, but its three levels, 79 WalkScore, and 2,600 square feet certainly aren’t small potatoes.

Still, that’s approaching the neighborhood of $500 per square foot, should the asking price pan out. And achieving the asking price would more than double what the property traded for in May 2012, per records.

It’s a three-bedroom residence, which means larger rooms are to be expected, and the master bedroom (with sitting area), living room (with built-ins and party-ready dimensions), and downstairs flex room bear that out. The two-car garage and communal pool could come in handy, for sure.

It wouldn’t be the only townhouse in the neighborhood—and in this particular enclave—to fetch north of $1 million, but the most recent comp was significantly larger, with direct Eastside Trail connectivity.

Then again, a few more steps probably wouldn’t be a detriment to someone who’s walking anyway.