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Atypical, park-fronting Summerhill house is targeting $490K

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Floorplan for tall, thin three-bedroom is described as “amazing.” Indeed

A skinny house crammed into a Summerhill Atlanta lot.
Not a lot of lot? No problem.
BHGRE Metro Brokers

For proof that Atlanta homebuilders are getting creative—if not bending the laws of physics—when it comes to the placement of housing stock, look no further than this tall, thin three-bedroom new to the market in Summerhill.

Perched over the south end of Phoenix II Park, the atypical Little Street offering joins a new-build neighbor on what was formerly a vacant lot (or technically lots).

With a deep floorplan that climbs to three stories, it achieves surprising roominess (2,346 square feet) along with three and a half bathrooms.

Thus, the “amazing” description in the listing.

Windows appear largely relegated to one side, but natural light doesn't seem to be an issue. It pours in and highlights applaudable finishes like the kitchen’s waterfall island and master bathroom’s flooring.

Don’t expect much of a backyard or garage, but the drive-under deck (an exceptionally functional porte-cochère?) is a nice, if unusual touch.

The listing’s reference to “thriving” Summerhill is surely a nod to the neighborhood’s budding retail district and home prices that’ve hustled upward in recent years.

Within the past year, larger houses in the vicinity have scored up to the high $600,000s, while several in this general size—but certainly not in this specific style—have landed sales in the high $400,000s.

This one calls for an even $490,000.

The lot in question a year ago.
The lot in question a year ago.
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