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1920s Ansley Park traditional called ‘classic’ and ‘special’ at $1.6M

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Stylishly expanded residence stands a block from the High Museum of Art

A traditional home for sale in Ansley Park right now.
A front porch arrangement that could qualify as idyllic for many Atlantans.

What’s more intown Atlanta than a pretty old home with giant crepe myrtles standing like sentries over the sidewalk and a porch large enough for two swings facing each other?

Answer: One that costs $1.65 million!

But here on Peachtree Circle in Ansley Park, a block from the High Museum of Art, such a price point is the norm, with about 20 properties in the neighborhood vying for $1 million or more. Often much more.

Brandishing listing adjectives such as “remarkable,” “classic,” and “special,” this renovated and expanded 1920s offering goes full traditional without being a bit stuffy.

Beyond the primo location and idyllic, sweet-tea porch, big plusses include the lush grounds, high 10-foot ceilings, a floorplan of 3,030 square feet that’s large but not wannabe-mansion absurd, and the screened, gorgeous loggia that boasts rustic stone, beam, and fireplace.

The kitchen by Design Galleria might rub some buyers at this price point as being a bit tight, but per the listing, it’s won awards.

Other potential sticking points are the sheer number of rooms (three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms) and lack of a garage. Although the two-vehicle carport is quite handsome.

Records indicate the property hasn’t traded hands since 2003, when it went—in a pre-renovated state—for half of the current ask.

But back in 1977, for what it’s worth, the home sold for just $82,000.