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Atlanta’s Confederate Avenue could soon be renamed United Avenue

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One day, Grant Park residents might be able to say, “Let’s meet at the corner of Atlanta and United.”

A field of headstones, with a memorial obelisk beyond.
The name change would be part of an effort to assess the importance of each Confederate monument in Atlanta, some of which are in Oakland Cemetery.
Oakland Cemetery

In early 2019, the renaming of an old city street could mean Grant Park will boast an intersection called Atlanta and United.

Now, as much as that may seem like a nod to the city’s famous young soccer team, the change would actually be the result of a years-long debate over whether—or rather, how—Atlanta should rename roadways that pay homage to the Civil War.

If the Atlanta City Council votes to approve an ordinance proposal on October 1, Confederate Avenue will be renamed United Avenue while other street names are tweaked, too, according to Saporta Report.

Currently, Confederate Avenue and East Confederate Avenue snake through southeast Atlanta neighborhoods Grant Park, Ormewood Park, Boulevard Heights, and Woodland Hills.

But the proposal, introduced to the council by District 1 Councilwoman Carla Smith, who represents the area, would change Confederate Avenue to United Avenue, East Confederate Avenue to—oddly—just Confederate Avenue, and Confederate Court to Trestletree Court, according to Saporta Report.

Smith’s legislation has received resounding support from her council colleagues thus far. Thirteen of the other 15 councilmembers signed the proposed ordinance in a showing of support.

District 7 Councilman Howard Shook, who represents the Buckhead area, was the only councilmember to not ink his support on the proposal, Saporta Report noted.

Once the street names are changed, the memory of Confederate Avenue could be immortalized with a historic marker.