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On Northside Drive, 58-unit townhome project is moving forward

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Developer Pulte Homes has recently become known for its “smart home” creations

Pulte Homes is the developer behind Atlanta’s first “smart neighborhood,” on the Westside.
Pulte Homes is also the developer of Atlanta’s first “smart neighborhood,” Altus at The Quarter, a similar project on Bolton Drive, as seen here in renderings.
Pulte Homes

The proposed site of a West Midtown residential community teased back in the summer of 2016 is finally seeing action, and developers tell Curbed Atlanta the project is on track for a 2020 delivery.

Developed by Pulte Homes, the yet unnamed development promises about 60 new townhomes on a bustling, hilly stretch of Northside Drive in the Loring Heights neighborhood.

A Pulte spokesperson said crews are expected to begin full construction on the 58-unit complex by year’s end, and sales will begin the following summer.

Right now, the Pulte venture is in a land development phase.

The project site, as of October 2017.
Google Maps
The site this week.
Curbed Atlanta

The finished product—a collection of four-story homes, according to Pulte reps—is likely to resemble other projects by the developer, such as Smyrna’s 4400 West and Altus at The Quarter on the Upper Westside.

The latter, like some of Pulte’s other recent projects, is expected to become Atlanta’s first “smart neighborhood,” meaning all the houses are specially wired to communicate with the Internet of Things. A phone app, for example, will dim the home’s lights and turn on the oven.

Curbed Atlanta

Pulte’s Northside Drive development is sited at the northeast corner of Deering Road, a few blocks from Atlantic Station.

Until recently, the property was a mess of weeds and other foliage.

Just south of the Pulte venture, another Loring Heights townhome project, Plateau West, is under construction, offering units in the $800,000s that capitalize on skyline views.

A row of bland, boxy townhomes.
The nearby Altus at The Quarter.