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At No. 35, Atlanta snubbed in national New Year’s Day hangover ranking

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For a city with so many great NYE events, breweries, and clubs, one might expect more heads to (still) be throbbing

A picture of the massive peach dropped each New Years Eve in downtown Atlanta.
This year’s Peach Drop returned to Underground Atlanta.
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

It might irk some Atlantans to learn that the city’s collective New Year’s Day hangover allegedly didn’t stack up to those suffered by other major cities, but that’s what Google search results seem to suggest.

According to a report by Insider, which pulled records of web searches for the word “hangover” from 2014 through 2018, Atlanta was the 35th most hungover metropolis compared to 200 other cities on January 1.

Nobody loves hangovers, but Atlantans especially dislike being slighted when it comes to nationally ranked anything. So what’s up with this snub? Did we not abuse our bodies enough for the search engine giant’s liking?!

Of course we weren’t going to trump places like Las Vegas or New York City in the NYE party department, but Atlanta couldn’t even top freakin’ Providence, Rhode Island! For anyone nursing a two-day headache, that news could come as a kick in the teeth.

Atlanta was even beaten by Denver, which—as we all know—is famous for having legalized a plant-based hangover remedy.

The top of the list—or the bottom, depending on your perspective—was Louisville, Kentucky. (Because bourbon, right?)

On a brighter note, TripAdvisor recently called Atlanta (like Savannah) one of America’s top travel destinations for New Year’s Eve, and the annual Peach Drop is considered one of the preeminent NYE blowouts in the Southeast.

Elsewhere, Atlanta is obviously no slouch when it comes to craft beer brewing, and many great watering holes—both beer-producing and otherwise—are peppered around the Beltline and near MARTA stations, which, for many, nullifies the need for a designated driver.

This city is also widely regarded as one of the strip club capitals of the world, so downing drinks definitely comes easy to Atlantans.

Although some studies suggest the most hungover day of the year tends to occur around the middle of Christmas party season, New Year’s Day is decidedly up there, and Atlanta offered myriad options for imbibing on the holiday.

If only the analysts at Google had stats showing how much water bills jumped and how many ibuprofen pills were ingested yesterday.

Or perhaps Atlantans just know how to wrestle with hangovers and don’t need the internet to tell them to hydrate and order pizza.

Regardless, we’ll get ’em next year. Happy 2019.