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What a $500K new home in Westview looks like right now

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Spacious four-bedroom is described as a custom “masterpiece”

A home for sale in West End for nearly $500,000 right now.
The dual-fan porch overlooking Gordon Street.
XLT Realty; photos by Mimi Erickson Photography

Like many eastside neighborhoods before it, Westview is no stranger now to home remodels and new single-family construction priced around a half-million dollars.

According to marketers of a spacious four-bedroom traditional recently built from scratch on South Gordon Street, the level of design and craftsmanship matches the $499,000 pricing ambitions—in at least one instance.

Described in emails from a sales representative as a “masterpiece” and one “immaculate modern beauty of a bungalow,” the 2,887-square-foot project was drafted by Ross Design Architects, a firm with home renovations and additions dotted around the city.

It joins a half-dozen properties asking north of $400,000 right now in the Beltline-connected neighborhood. Those include a Miami-inspired dwelling on the same street that’s taken Atlanta’s modern craze westward—and ruffled a few traditionalist feathers.

A slightly smaller four-bedroom that fetched $475,000 in November appears to be the current Westview standard-bearer, in terms of priciest sales.

Elevated from the street, the home’s front porch (with humidity-combating ceiling fans), subtle color scheme, and stonework make little effort to stand out, which could be a virtue. Two more patio options are found around back.

Inside, the neutral-white palette leads back to a high-ceilinged great room that’s both unexpected and exceptional, lending the “wow-factor” marketers speak of.

Other perks: the quartz waterfall kitchen island, handy dual sinks, 10-foot ceilings, and no shortage of marble in the main-floor master suite.

Stepping back outside, there’s no garage or privacy fencing to muck up backyard views.

The property last sold in June 2017 for just $25,000, city records show.

Courtesy of XLT Realty