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New analysis proclaims Georgia’s roads the country’s best

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The Peach State, meanwhile, is called the 7th best state overall for hitting the road

Rush-hour traffic on Downtown Connector
At least those stuck in traffic are on the country’s best roads, right?
Atlanta Regional Commission

In its latest report, WalletHub has declared Georgia to have the best road quality in the entire country, though it scored only seventh best state overall to actually drive in.

It’s a departure from studies that typically call anything involving driving near Atlanta dismal at best, apocalyptic at worst.

The study looked at four key dimensions—1) cost of ownership and maintenance, 2) traffic and infrastructre, 3) safety, and 4) access to vehicles and maintenance—that were further broken down into 30 key metrics, everything from average gas prices to rush-hour traffic congestion, to car-theft rate.

For its part, Georgia had some ups and downs in those findings, including:

Driving in Georgia (1 = best state; 25 = average):

· 30th – Share of Rush-Hour Traffic Congestion

· 19th – Auto-Repair Shops per Capita

· 17th – Average Gas Prices

· 7th – Auto-Maintenance Costs

· 1st – Road Quality

· 14th – Car Dealerships per Capita

It’s not entirely clear how Georgia scored a first-place ranking for road quality, as that particular methodology wasn’t included in the initial report.

Source: WalletHub

However, if you ask anyone driving through the never-ending road construction occurring throughout the city, they almost certainly would disagree with these findings.