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Northwest of Midtown, modern-leaning houses hit market at $320K

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Environmentally conscious dwellings are bound for Scotts Crossing community

The planned elevation and variation on style at a new townhome complex in Upper Westside.
The planned elevation and variations on style.
Images courtesy of Van Hardimon Homes

Some listings call this Northwest Atlanta. Others say the Upper Westside. Still others use the neighborhood name, Scotts Crossing, a small community between Buckhead’s western fringes and Interstate 285 with roots in agriculture, mills, and railroads.

Now, townhome standalone cluster-home plans for a prominent Scotts Crossing corner call for sloped roofs that lend contemporary oomph and echo other recent construction in the area.

Where Hollywood Road meets Perry Boulevard, developer Van Hardimon Homes has released plans for seven houses, each with three stories.

The site was formerly the home of a 1960s church that sold last summer for $230,000. It’s across the street from the community’s architecturally impressive new library, designed by Collins Cooper Carusi Architects and completed in 2016.

Home features, per the first listings last week, will include hardwood floors and quartz countertops throughout, plus rear decks extending off the kitchens, over single-car garages.

The homes will be EarthCraft Certified and EnergyWise, per the developer.

The only price posted for the project’s various offerings is $319,900. Each home listed so far will offer three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms in 1,608 square feet, per the developer’s website.

That price point is certainly cheaper than practically all new townhouses rising in more centralized locations these days; it’s tough to gauge the strength of the deals, however, as no comparable product has been offered in Scotts Crossing in recent years. But home sales in the $100,000s aren’t uncommon.

Have a look below: