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At Old Fourth Ward’s Art Deco Wigwam building, condo hits market for $200K

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Unit in distinctive O4W landmark is big on walkability—but not so big overall

A photo of what could be O4W’s most authentic multifamily Miami substitute.
What could be O4W’s most authentic multifamily Miami substitute.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties

A new Old Fourth Ward condo listing is offering an entrée into one of Atlanta’s hottest neighborhoods and most distinctive multifamily buildings for less than $200,000.

But compromises are, of course, to be expected.

Down the street from Martin Luther King Jr.’s famed Auburn Avenue birthplace, this section of the Wigwam building, named for the Native American figure on the roof, has been echoing South Beach with its Art Deco lines and palm-studded grounds since 1940.

As reflected by the 91 WalkScore and ever-present Beltline exercisers, the neighborhood has changed significantly since an award-winning renovation converted the Wigwam to condos in 2004. Prior to that, it had allegedly been operating as a boarded-up crackhouse.

Now, the listing hints that this no-frills, 518-square-foot condo could make for a swell pied-à-terre.

Atlantans do tend to favor roomier spaces (and bedroom doors) for their primary dwellings, although this one does qualify as a one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit, per the listing.

What’s described as a “playful feel” inside, boosted by the space-saving trap door that leads to an entrance, extends to the colorful courtyard, with its fountain and communal grill.

Pertinent numbers: $199,900 asking price with $189 monthly HOA fees.

The O4W is no stranger to smaller condos in the $200,000 range, but the majority of those are found farther west and south, with some notable, comp-worthy exceptions.