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For $39M, genteel hunting lodge is now Georgia’s most expensive property

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Move over, Tyler Perry’s former house

White home with covered front porch and columns lit up at night.
A touch of Old South in Middle Georgia.
Jon Kohler & Associates LLC

Calling all hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and especially those with deep, deep pockets.

About 130 miles south of Atlanta, off Interstate 16, a 1840s Classic Revival home marks the beginning of much to enjoy on this peaceful, 8,409-acre estate. (In terms of acres, that’s more than all City of Atlanta parks put together, times two.) Known as Whitehall Plantation, this property has long served as a retreat for the wealthy.

The historic 3,150-square-foot home was recently restored, and it features an updated kitchen, living room, dining room, parlor, and office. Marketing materials don’t specify bedroom and bathroom counts; after all, it’s what’s beyond the centerpiece house that counts.

Along with the main house, you’ll find an 1880s lakeside lodge with four bedrooms and four bathrooms and a boathouse with three bedrooms, bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, and living room. Oh, and don’t forget the 1,200-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom lakeside cabin.

The result is plenty of space for guests who come to take advantage of the natural surroundings: a 159-acre private lake, a 7-acre pond, several smaller ponds, 3.6 miles of Rocky Creek, 1.3 miles of Crooked Creek, and more than 4,000 acres of quail woods. An outdoorsy person’s dream, basically.

It all bodes well for those who want to enjoy quail hunting in addition to turkey and deer hunting, plus fishing.

But wait! There’s more!

The property also features a six-trap skeet range, a billiards and recreation cabin, and a grass-strip airplane runway.

For those worried about covering the day-to-day cost of owning such a property, there’s also an onsite farming and sod operation, with approximately 2,293 acres of farmland and an extensive inventory of infrastructure and equipment to support it.

All of this could belong to anyone who can scrounge up the current asking price of $39 million. With this price tag, the property knocks Tyler Perry’s former Buckhead home out of the top spot as most expensive listing in the state.

In fact, it almost makes that property, which was recently discounted to a mere $21 million, look affordable. Almost.