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Spinning Cheetah sign stripped from famed club at Fortune 500 company’s request

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Could this be an example of gentrification without displacement?

The recognizable Cheetah sign, in its former habitat.
The recognizable sign, in its former habitat.
Google Maps

Call it a sign of the times.

In Midtown, one of Atlanta’s most well-known strip clubs has experienced a unique, mild form of gentrification, though the owner insists the business is hardly being displaced.

According to Bisnow, The Cheetah recently removed the glowing, spinning, longstanding, and very recognizable sign from atop the windowless building, after its Fortune 500 neighbor NCR Corporation had requested the sign be stripped away.

In early 2018, the tech company relocated from Duluth to Midtown, where a glassy 20-story tower was erected as its global headquarters.

NCR and The Cheetah reached an agreement that the sign was to be taken down, according to the publication. The particulars of that deal weren’t disclosed.

This photo from inside NCR’s main lobby illustrates the proximity of the strip club (at bottom right) across the street.
Curbed Atlanta

Although the adult entertainment establishment seems to be in good standing, per management, long-swirling rumors of its closure were whipped up again after a Reddit user shared an image of the circular Cheetah sign strapped to a trailer and heading down the highway.

Many Redditors believed the sign coming down signaled the club’s demise, especially considering the ground beneath it is valued at about $30 million, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

With high-rises cropping up left and right in Midtown near Tech Square, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to suspect developers are eyeing The Cheetah’s land. Time and again, however, the club’s brass has insisted it isn’t for sale.