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Near Chastain Park, spacious midcentury modern is called ‘the real thing’ at $795K

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But is that necessarily a good thing?

A midcentury modern house for sale in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood.
A post-and-beam dream in Buckhead?
Beacham & Company

Tucked off Northside Drive, due west of Chastain Park, this 1957 residence counts many of the hallmarks that make midcentury modern houses so distinctive: floating fireplaces, tongue-and-groove ceilings, an airy main gathering space, and a willingness to bring the outdoors inside via huge windows.

But after 60 years, as the listing admits, not every aspect seems cutting-edge.

The four-bedroom relic occupies a 1.1-acre section of Buckhead—and one of America’s wealthiest zip codes—that’s seen numerous midcentury listings with similar prices dangled as teardown bait in recent years.

Still, the enthusiastic marketing angles here—it’s “The Real Thing!” and a “Builder’s/renovator’s dream!”—lend hope that the end might not be nigh on Wickersham Drive.

Spanning almost 4,000 square feet, with signature post-and-beam construction and a sylvan backdrop, the house is being offered at the appraised value of $795,000, per the listing.

It listed at that price in early November.

Discerning buyers of today would probably see a lot of work to be done, from the whitewashed kitchen that appears more 1990s chic than midcentury sleek, to the seas of plush carpeting that extend right up to at least one bathroom sink.

Beyond sheer space and MCM high-points, redeeming aspects include a trio of fireplaces, exterior flagstone, a spacious (and seemingly well-maintained back deck), and the location within Jackson school district.

“This home is ready for your buyer to come in and make it their own,” the listing urges.

But at this price, is anyone buying?