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Renderings: Between Piedmont Park and Colony Square, luxury rentals move forward

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The Midtown Development Review Committee recommended changes to the project’s ground-floor experience

A rendering of the residential project’s ground floor, with street-level retail and green accents.
The revised, street-level vision for the residential development.
Toll Brothers and Brock Hudgins, via Midtown Alliance

Developer Toll Brothers unveiled plans last month for a major residential project that would claim a 1.35-acre site in residential Midtown, just west of Piedmont Park.

But neighborhood leaders requested design changes—efforts to boost the pedestrian experience of a project that would essentially extend the feel of commercialization around Colony Square toward the city’s marquee green space.

Now, after the latest Midtown Development Review Committee meeting, the design for the 250 14th Street project has been reworked to showcase “a sophisticated modernist building that merges the energy of Midtown’s commercial core with the distinct character of the residential neighborhood,” according to Midtown Alliance.

Heeding suggestions from the DRC, Brock Hudgins architects amended the previous proposal to include a covered ground-level seating area with an outdoor fireplace.

A rendering of the upper floors of the tower.
A rendering shown during the September DRC meeting.
Toll Brothers and Brock Hudgins, via Midtown Alliance

“This semi-private space facilitates an admirable transition between the public sidewalk and the private residential lobby,” wrote DRC officials, “and provides a unique and flexible indoor/outdoor amenity space.”

Plus, per the new renderings, the project’s lower levels would also include accents of greenery, such as trees on the sidewalk and what looks like wisteria climbing up one wall toward an outdoor patio on the sixth floor.

The amendments follow the DRC’s habit of requesting tweaks to designs so the finished product would better cater to pedestrians and other passersby.

All told, the apartment building is expected to stand 17 stories and offer 175 luxury residences.

Adjacent to this development site—where the Dowling condo project had been proposed—are two apartment buildings that will stay put at the property’s rear.