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Open Thread: What should your Atlanta neighborhood’s official slogan be?

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In honor of the “Decatur, Open for Business” campaign, which will soon be everywhere

A city street with stone steps leading up to many stoops, and a sign that says Glenwood Park at right.
Glenwood Park’s nice, but a catchy slogan could take it next level.
Curbed Atlanta

Already on a roll, Decatur’s now on a mission.

City officials, alongside the Decatur Downtown Development Authority, rolled out a new campaign this past summer—“Decatur, Open for Business”—meant to summon new employers, boost the tax base, and fill what little vacant office space is available with “purpose-inspired doers, makers, and disrupters.”

The campaign is hitting ubiquitous mode now, as officials announced this week, with three different slogans that’ll be seen on banners around Decatur, accompanying images of the city’s longtime home-school-church logo.

They are: “A Great Place to Grow Your Business,” “Let’s Get Down to Business,” and “Business is Greater in Decatur.”

But why should Decatur have all the self-branding fun? This town could use some more slogans for its many wonderful neighborhoods and municipalities. Besides, there’s no shortage of creativity around here—right?

Let’s think more myopically than Atlanta’s “Every Day Is an Opening Day” or the iconic “The City Too Busy to Hate.” For inspiration, look to city and neighborhood slogans around Atlanta, both official and not:

“Snellville, Where Everybody is Somebody”

“You’ll Like What U.C.” (Union City)

“Lilburn is Hip”

“West End, Best End”

“Kennesaw: Honoring Our Heritage, Forging Our Future”

“Upper Westside: We’re Not Contrived at All.”

The last one’s not real, of course, but you get the gist.

For this installment of Open Threads, we want to hear slogan suggestions for intown neighborhoods, official municipalities, and anywhere else that could use a catchy tagline.

Have at it in the comments section below—but please, keep it civil.