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Fresh renderings: Clearer vision for Midtown Union project emerges

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Architects at Cooper Carry amended previous designs at the behest of Midtown’s Development Review Committee

A rendering shows a tall, segmented, and glassy tower shooting up from a pedestrian plaza, neighboring a more stout, conventional looking building.
The latest vision for Midtown Union.
Renderings: Cooper Carry

During a Midtown Development Review Committee meeting last month, real estate group Granite Properties debuted toned-down designs for a colossal mixed-use project that’s slated to rise at the corner of 17th and Spring streets: Midtown Union.

A beefier, more angular office tower design had been traded for a more buttoned-up look with long glassy panels that shoot toward the sky.

Now, architecture firm Cooper Carry has unveiled imagery that depicts fresh vantage points on the updated drafts.

Green pedestrian-friendly plazas cut through alleys between Midtown Union’s towers.
Lots of green space is planned for the complex.

Once realized, the multi-tower Midtown Union would comprise some 1.3 million square feet of residences, retail, hotel rooms, and office space.

The Midtown DRC green-lit the upgraded designs during the September meeting, after “working with committee members to resolve several outstanding issues, such as parking deck screening, public art, and street level facade enhancements,” reads a Midtown Alliance blog post.

Cooper Carry’s latest renderings also spotlight one of the project’s main office tenants, investment management company Invesco, which is expected to take up roughly half of the 600,000 square feet of office space planned.

A sprawling lawn is filled with people, below the glassy office tower and art-decorated apartment component.
Expect some public art at the development.

The development’s hotel flag has not yet been announced, but Street Lights Residential has been enlisted to handle the apartment component.

Midtown Union’s first phase promises a 250-key hotel, 350 residences, 100,000 square feet of retail space, and roughly 1,800 parking spots.

Earlier this month, Midtown’s former Arthritis Foundation building was imploded on the site to clear the way for construction.

The complex is scheduled to begin opening in 2022.

People walk around the ground-level of the glassy office tower, which is surrounded by young green trees lining the streets.
A look at the office tower’s lower floors.
A man on a red bike rides passed the lobby floor of the office tower, which is surrounded by people and greenery.
Stair-style seating is used by people in the office tower’s lower floors, which are decorated with a lot of raw wood and bright lighting.
Inside the office tower’s ground floor area.
Garden boxes are peppered in with the wooden accents in the ground floor work space.
Invesco’s name and logo are seen atop the office tower.
How Invesco signage might top the most prominent component.