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Extravagant renderings for Atlanta Motor Speedway casino resort complex unveiled

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Jackpot or crackpot?

A colorful rendering of a casino resort attraction bordering the racetrack, replete with its own amusement park.
The big idea.
Atlanta Motor Speedway

Once in a blue moon, a development is proposed that befuddles nearly all who see it.

In 2017, it was the RitaWorld Pearl Kingdom, a bizarre plan to turn the stadium formerly known as Turner Field and its environs into the world’s largest lagoon.

And today, another seemingly outlandish project comes in the form of a casino resort complex proposed by the president of Atlanta Motor Speedway, Ed Clark.

Or could it actually work?

Recently unveiled renderings of a casino-anchored, mixed-use development bordering the speedway might just be louder than a phalanx of twin-turbo engines screaming around a racetrack.

The colorful conceptual drawings of the proposal, sketched by Foxwoods, showcase, among other things, a hotel, condos and possibly timeshare apartments, retail space and restaurants galore, go-karts, a music venue, waterpark, and a theme park that would put Ponce City Market’s rooftop attraction to shame, according to Clayton News Daily.

A map shows vast parking lots, surrounded by a hotel, casino, convention center, and more. Atlanta Motor Speedway, via 11Alive

Of course, Atlanta Motor Speedway’s dreams of becoming such an astonishing—potentially $1 billion—entertainment mini-city wonderland hinge on Georgia legalizing casino gaming.

Proponents of legalized horse racing and casino gambling suggest the industry could be used to raise revenue to help support the HOPE scholarship.

But before Georgians can start betting on the ponies and playing the slots, both the Georgia House and Senate need to approve gambling legislation, and Georgia voters would then need to approve the measure in a referendum.