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To ease traffic, Perimeter employees will work remotely or avoid rush hours this week

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But will the subtraction of a few thousand drivers help alleviate hellacious Perimeter congestion?

Two tall greenish glass buildings with sky rises of Atlanta beyond.
Where thousands of more workers will be phoning it in, beginning today.
Curbed Atlanta

Starting today, those working in and around Perimeter’s business district may enjoy a less crowded work commute. At least that’s the big idea.

As part of the inaugural Perimeter Work Week taking place through November 1, approximately 4,000 employees are expected to take advantage of the option to work remotely one day this week, or to choose their own arrival and departure times to avoid rush hour.

Initiative organizers hope to improve productivity and boost job performance and satisfaction by giving employees back an extra hour or two, per Perimeter Work Week officials.

Based on surveys conducted in 2018 and 2019 by Perimeter Connects, the transportation management program of the Perimeter Community Improvement Districts, only 15 percent of all district employees reported they currently work remotely one or more days a week.

A man talks on his headset while working from home.
Will mass telecommuting lead to reduced traffic in one of Atlanta’s most clogged subdistricts?
Georgia Commute Options

According to Perimeter Connects’s calculations, if 50 percent of all district employees teleworked just one day a week, there would be 9,000 fewer cars on the road each day.

This week, participating companies in the Perimeter business district include Mercedes-Benz USA, Cox Enterprises, VMware, and Beazer Homes. Together, they are partnering with Perimeter Connects in an effort to “reshape what commuting means for those who work at their corporate headquarters,” officials stated.

Realizing that Perimeter Work Week is only the first step in a path to an improved work commute, participating companies have pledged to expand flexible work options to employees.

Currently, Cox Enterprises has implemented one of the largest flexible work pilot programs in the Perimeter business district’s history, with 2,000 employees opting for alternative schedules or part-time telework.