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Atlanta music manager’s nonprofit is linking single mothers with rent-free housing, education programs

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Right Hand Foundation’s first tenants are expected to move into a renovated home in College Park soon

A grey single-story ranch home with white trim.
An example of the housing the foundation provides.
Right Hand Foundation

A nonprofit in Atlanta is aiming to empower single mothers by helping them access longterm affordable housing and educational programs.

Founded by Atlanta-based music manager Courtney Stewart (Khalid, Bobby V), the Right Hand Foundation buys and renovates homes around the city in order to provide struggling families with rent-free housing while they get back on their feet.

The initiative also offers educational programs, such as financial planning help, workforce training, health and wellness services, and home transition training, according to a press release this week.

With his nonprofit, Stewart is building “Right Hand havens,” which are essentially renovated houses with modern appliances that families can live in for free while they find traction in the job market.

The foundation’s first property is in College Park, and tenants are expected to move in soon.

“After some time there, the family will be moved to a property where they will pay minimal rent and eventually, with assistance from the Right Hand team, move on to housing that is within their means,” per the release.

An Atlanta native, Stewart has been supporting local shelters since 2015, the year his foundation was founded. This new initiative, he says, is a means of blending his interest in real estate investment and his drive to help his community.

“I have always enjoyed investing in the Atlanta community whether that’s with my time or investing in properties,” Stewart said in a prepared statement. “Revitalizing the houses and using them to help those that need it seemed like the logical solution to blend my passions of real estate and giving back to the community that I love.”

The nonprofit is supported in part by other local nonprofits, which are helping Stewart connect to eligible tenants.

“There is an extensive vetting process, but the tenants are usually referred by a shelter or non-profit in the Atlanta area,” a Right Hand Foundation spokesperson told Curbed. “And they do need to be single mothers with children as well.”

This story was updated on October 3 at 4:22 p.m. to include more information about tenant eligibility.