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Atlanta scurries to top 10 of nation’s most rat-infested cities

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A rat makes its way through a cramped pipe.
More rats are finding Atlanta just peachy than in years past, per pest controllers.
AFP via Getty Images

Anyone who’s spent considerable time in an urban environment is likely familiar with that dreaded scratching and tapping noise—the sound of tiny claws scampering at the bottom of a Dumpster or shredding through garbage bags.


They’re among the most despised varmints known to man, and in Atlanta, it seems, they might just be becoming more prevalent.

According to pest control company Orkin, Atlanta is the tenth most rat-infested city in the nation—a significant jump from its No. 15 spot in last year’s ranking.

Local rat infestations have shut down stores, invaded schools, and forced people from their homes (even in Johns Creek).

On the bright side, Atlantans have it better than cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C., and we’re leaps and bounds less ratty than Chicago, which Orkin has dubbed the “Rattiest City” for five years in a row.

This year, though, Atlanta hurdled cities such as Seattle, Boston, Dallas, and Denver to earn a top 10 spot.

The data is based on the amount of rodent treatments—both residential and commercial—performed by Orkin from September 15, 2018 to September 15 this year, according to a company news release.

No theory is offered as to why, but logic says a growing population and demolition of longstanding buildings and homes could be culprits.

Meanwhile, unfortunately, Orkin has deemed Atlanta the most mosquito-infested city in the country again.

Atlanta has held that superlative for six years in a row.