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Angular Buckhead contemporary marries metal and lush greenery, asks $1.2M

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Alternately, you can rent it by the month—for $9,000

A modern house with a sloping roof and green wall of plants out front.
Distinctive lines abound at 2987 Northside Drive NW.
Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty; photography by Nick Hoisington

Despite its proximity to busy Northside Drive, this distinctive Buckhead modern from 2004 is positioned in a way—and surrounded by enough greenery—to feel like a mountain getaway, per the listing.

Its owner is described as “an internationally known fashion photographer,” and both exterior and interior spaces—largely undecorated—could serve as backdrops, or “singular vignettes,” should the home be used for professional and personal purposes, the marketing continues.

Just don’t expect the feeling of a warm embrace, which clearly wasn’t the intent when this dwelling was built 15 years ago.

It’s set away from Northside Drive on a palm-studded half-acre that incorporates another metal, Cor-Ten steel, into the sloped front yard. A huge courtyard helps detach the house from the road’s commotion, too.

Beneath a ski-slope angular roof, the two-story property is said be unlike anything else in Buckhead, as modern spaces go, counting three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms in 2,736 square feet.

A kitchen and living room combo in a huge modern house.
Off the courtyard is this voluminous space—the beginning of largely empty but versatile interiors.

The kitchen and bathrooms appear to have been either updated or tweaked, lending a refined contrast to the rawer look of so much concrete, steel, and stone. Around back, find a large patio with a koi pond and relatively flat upper yard that enhances privacy.

Like materials used to create the home, options for living here are varied.

Purchasing outright costs $1.2 million, as posted by Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty in recent days.

For executives (or actors) in need of shorter-term intown accommodations more spacious than a Midtown condo, the listing says the home can be rented for $9,000 monthly.

But longer leasing commitments—$7,000 monthly for two to six months; $6,000 monthly for between six months and a year—would bring that hefty rent requirement down.

A modern kitchen with concrete floors and dark and white cabinetry.
Where concrete and glass meet the sleek kitchen.
A malm style fireplace within some cabinets with a window above.
A Malm fireplace within the cabinetry—not a tactic often seen in Atlanta—with clerestories above.
A bedroom with a sloped ceiling and wood floors, and white walls.
The sloped ceiling and warmer wood floors of an upstairs bedroom.
A dual sink restroom with a patio beyond it.
The spartan approach continues in this large lower-level bathroom.
A long back patio at a modern house
The back patio, with a water feature, more exposed beams, and stone.
A backyard with a big palm tree and patio.
A retaining wall divides the raised backyard from the patio, with leafy stone walls continued from the front.
A wide parking area outside a modern house with trees behind.
Parking galore in front, though just a couple of slots are covered.