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Photos: Luxury student housing high-rise makes statement on downtown skyline

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The Mix tower lords over neighboring structures in and around Georgia State University’s main campus

A striking high-rise replete with tall windows and private balconies.
Not your father’s dingy dormitory.
Photos: Sean Keenan, Curbed Atlanta

Earlier this fall, hundreds of Georgia State University students dragged their books, backpacks, and other belongings into an upscale high-rise stuffed with amenities befitting a resort.

Called “The Mix,” the new 26-story student housing tower makes a mark on the downtown skyline, lording over neighboring structures, such as GSU’s Piedmont Central student housing stack and the University Commons apartments. An urban-sized RaceTrac gas station and convenience store was installed at the building’s base.

Developed by South City Partners, The Mix features nearly 700 beds for Panthers above some 8,200 square feet of retail space—including the RaceTrac—at the corner of Piedmont and John Wesley Dobbs avenues.

The RaceTrac sits in the shadow of the tower and the mid-level pool deck, which is above parking spaces.
A pool deck is positioned above a few floors of parking and the gas station.

Each of the one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom offerings comes with a washer and dryer, full furnishings, and a 48-inch high-definition TV.

Communal amenities include a rooftop lounge, heated pool, recording studio—GSU boasts extensive music programs—and a dog spa.

Yes, a dog spa for college students.

The apartments are all leased, a representative at the leasing office told Curbed Atlanta, and a South City official said the larger of the two remaining retail spaces has inked a tenant, too. The tenant name wasn’t divulged.

Single-bedroom units start around $1,500 monthly, and four-bedrooms start at $1,000 and top out at $1,095 per bed.

It should be noted The Mix is also within walking distance of at least three Waffle Houses. (How’s that for Atlanta student living?)

Below are a few images illustrating how the new downtown tower relates to the neighborhood.

A street-level view of the space shows the RaceTrac gas station and convenience store. Students walk passed.
As gas stations go, the RaceTrac is relatively eye-pleasing.
A close-up view of the new gas station.
A look directly up at the tower.
Private balconies on the Piedmont Avenue side.
A rendering looks almost exactly like the finished product.
An early rendering of the project.
The Mix
A wide-angle shot shows the whole 26 stories.
The finished structure came out looking very similar to the rendering, with private balconies and glass in abundance.
Another view from the ground floor shows the RaceTrac sign beneath the tower.
A view from a few blocks east of The Mix shows how tall the building is compared to neighboring structures.
As seen from elsewhere downtown, near other GSU landmarks.
A view from the west side of the tower shows how it lords over Piedmont Central.
From the west.