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For a chance to win $400K Atlanta house, just donate to help homeless women, kids

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If real estate investment’s not your forte, there’s the option of a $200,000 cash prize

A rendering of the under-construction house.
Keep it or sell; this under-construction house could be yours.
Brock Built

Just a stone’s throw from Proctor Creek in the West Highlands community, a $400,000 house in on the rise, and it could be some lucky Georgian’s home for free.

Brock Built Homes, in partnership with Atlanta Housing, is donating a house as part of a sweepstakes hosted by the Atlanta Mission, a nonprofit focused on curbing homelessness.

Between now and January 3, the Atlanta Mission is raising funds to build a new shelter for homeless women and children, and folks who donate to help the cause have a chance to win the house—or $200,000 in cash.

Granted, people can enter the sweepstakes once for free, but by writing a check for the shelter project, which is expected to produce 100 much-needed beds for homeless folks, the chances of winning the grand prize increases.

For a $25 donation, you get two entries; $50 buys five entries; $75 gets you seven; and $100 puts your name in the pot 10 times. Anyone can enter, as long as they’re a Georgia resident at least 18 years old.

The winner has the option of taking the fully furnished $400,000 house—and taxes that come with it—or claiming the $200,000 cash prize and a $6,000 furniture package from Underpriced Furniture.

A savvy investor, though, would realize the house could likely be unloaded for far more than $200,000.

The new Atlanta Mission facility, on Ethel Street in Home Park, is expected to be equipped to provide services for more than 4,500 women and children.