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Atlanta dubbed best place in nation to celebrate Christmas. Because... generosity?

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The ATL was also praised for its high number of Christmas tree farms

Christmas in Atlantic Station — a more recent celebration in the city.
A Christmas celebration at Atlantic Station.
Searching Atlanta

Financial help website WalletHub has debuted another ranking that could lend Atlantans a sense of pride in being No. 1 at something—or confusion.

On Tuesday, WalletHub unveiled a list of America’s “Best Places for Christmas Celebrations,” with Atlanta—a SunBelt metropolis that hasn’t seen snow accumulations in like two years—topping the charts.

The City too Busy to Hate earned top marks in part because of its “High Generosity” rating, which was bested only by Seattle and Madison, Wisconsin.

Atlanta also sat high on the leader board, compared to 99 other major cities, in categories of “Tradition and Fun” and “Shopping.” (It’s true that holiday markets around here are nothing to sneeze at, even if you’re shopping in shorts.)

A chart shows how various cities stacked up in Christmas-related categories. WalletHub

Clocking in at No. 63, though, Atlanta didn’t fare so well in the “Costs” ranking.

But we are, interestingly enough, tied with Miami, Portland, and Gilbert, Arizona for the top spot on the list of cities with the most Christmas tree farms per person.

It’s unclear whether WalletHub factored in Atlanta’s impressive smattering of Christmas lights when calculating the rankings.

Another WalletHub report shows that the average Atlantan has an estimated holiday budget of $695. Generous indeed.