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Leading e-scooter provider: We made Atlanta cleaner, more efficient, mobile in 2019

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Bird claims to have replaced nearly 90,000 car trips in Atlanta alone this year

A picture of a woman riding a bird scooter down a city street.
One of millions of Bird rides in Atlanta.
Atlanta City Council

Electric scooters have operated in Atlanta for just a year and a half, but they’ve undoubtedly changed the way residents and visitors move around.

In May 2018, e-scooter operator Bird entered the scene, dropping its black two-wheelers just about anywhere they could find a few square feet of real estate.

Now, thousands of these dockless devices dot the city, spanning multiple brands and featuring all variety of colors and construction.

This was the first (almost) full year Bird, among others, tracked its scooter rider data in Atlanta. As such, the company recently released statistics that lend insight to the impact the dockless vehicle craze is having on the city. (Representatives with Lime, another leading e-scooter option which began Atlanta operations in February, tell Curbed Atlanta they’ll publish similar data in early 2020. Lyft pulled out of the market in November.)

As 2019 draws to a close, Bird scooters is sharing interesting stats pertaining to Atlanta, which e-scooter companies have called a leading U.S. market.

For instance, per Bird’s reporting, Atlantans took more than 2.6 million rides on Bird scooters this year alone—“enough to travel to the moon and back six times.”

Additionally, the company claims it’s “Making Greta Proud”—a reference to Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg—by replacing more than 86,000 car trips with scooter rides.

The numbers also suggest that, in just one month, Bird rides helped avoid more than 156.2 metric tons of CO2 emissions from being released by automobiles, which begs a question: How much cleaner is Atlanta air today, thanks to the many scooter companies that have launched in the city? Have they made a considerable difference?

Bird officials also said that half of trips on their devices were used to get to work or school.

And, interestingly enough, July 5—a tremendous day for a hangover—was 2019’s most popular day for Bird rides this year.

Bird also published a list of its most popular destinations in Atlanta:

  • 8armatl
  • Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail
  • Krog Street NE
  • Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream
  • Serpa’s
  • Irwin Street Market
  • Hawkers Asian Street Fare
  • Estrella
  • Two Urban Licks

It isn’t clear, though, just how Atlanta’s e-scooter market will be impacted once city officials convene next year to reform dockless vehicle regulations.

Recent e-scooter-related injuries and fatalities spurred renewed calls for better transportation infrastructure around town, and some city leaders have suggested the local scooter industry should be controlled by just a few companies.