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Venetian Hills modern farmhouse rises from ashes, asks $425K

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After the previous structure was lost to fire, this rebuild capitalizes on the original granite foundation

Two-story, white house with covered porch.
An exterior aesthetic that’s gained popularity in ITP neighborhoods far and wide.
Daniel Stabler

When the previous old home on this Venetian Hills plot, southwest of downtown Atlanta, caught fire, it seemed all was lost.

In fact, the listing agent, Adam Mincey, said he thought it would be a total rebuild. But his client, the investor, thought he could rehab it.

“The house only had one wall and the chimney standing after the fire, but it’s pretty awesome to see what it was transformed into,” Mincey said.

After Mincey’s friend, architect Matt Riggs, examined the site, he discovered the 15-inch thick granite foundation had not only withstood the fire, but was in great shape.

And thus, this new 2,600-square-foot modern farmhouse rose from the ashes.

The new incarnation features four bedrooms and two bathrooms on two floors, plus a full basement with one-car garage. For the interior, Mincey enlisted interior designer Nuha Alsenussi to bring the spaces to life.

In doing so, the house now offers four-inch oak flooring, a “designer” kitchen with such features as a Calacatta quartz waterfall island, and, on the second floor, “a lively, playful shared bathroom.” One can’t help but wonder what that means.

As part of the wave of renovations and rebuilds moving through the Westside and South Atlanta, the current asking price of $424,900 is on par with many other larger houses in the area.

Whether it will ignite enough interest to land a solid offer, though, remains to be seen.