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Renderings: Abandoned building’s redo in heart of Kirkwood eyes summer debut

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Shuttered for years, the 1945 structure will be mixed-use on a small scale

The most detailed rendering of the under-construction renovation project to date.
The most detailed glimpse of the renovation project to date.
Renderings by Office of Design architects, courtesy of Macallan Construction

Efforts have launched to revive a 1945 building in the commercial core of Kirkwood that’s been shuttered for a couple of decades, continuing the trend of business starts and expansions along Hosea Williams Drive in recent years.

Plans call for mixed-use on a small scale that includes an “old world” neighborhood bakery and butcher—and architecture that embraces what’s old, rather than removing it.

Construction at the two-story, 2011 Hosea Williams Drive project launched a few weeks ago and is expected to finish in July, Christian Jacobsen, vice president of Macallan Construction, the general contractor, tells Curbed Atlanta.

Updated renderings by Decatur’s Office of Design show how windows would be incorporated into the brick and how the new establishment’s logo—Evergreen Butcher + Baker—would fit.

The food retailer will occupy the first floor, while the business’s owners, Sean and Emma Schacke, will live in a new condo loft above.

The building, at left, in 2012. The Arden’s Garden location next door remains.
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The Schackes, who met six years ago while working at One Eared Stag in Inman Park, closed on the 70-year-old property in September, as Eater Atlanta has reported. (Sean, formerly the head butcher at Publican Quality Meats in Chicago, worked as sous chef and Emma as executive pastry chef at Robert Phalen’s establishment.)

Between the bakery and butcher’s section, Evergreen’s offerings will run the gamut from daily sandwich specials, meat pies, charcuterie, ribeye, and brisket, to fresh croissants, cookies, danishes, and breads such as sourdough and rye.

Per Eater, classes for making pastry, sourdough, and sausages are also in the works.

Have look at the architectural plans below.

How rear entrances are being configured.
Sidewalk and street frontage.